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January's Top Droppers

Dropper # of drops #28
BloggerRap #26
Quantum Indonesia Translogistic #26
Trade Forex Online #24
A Rose By Name Learns #22
Earning As An Affiliate #22
Carlson Clan Adventure #21
Experience DeLux #20
Article Marketing Methods #19
Three Fates Design - Beaded Jewelry #18

Thx For All Droppers.. ^_^

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Forex Options Trading - Importance of Learning Technical Analysis

The foreign exchange market is a jungle of numbers, prices and money. It has thousands of opportunities waiting for those bold enough, skilled enough and lucky enough to be able to take advantage of these opportunities. This however, as proven by millions of traders worldwide, is easier said than done. It is true that there are tons of opportunities but finding them is a different matter. If ever you do find one, knowing how to use them is also important yet difficult to do. So in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming tasks, you must learn how to analyze.

There are two ways which traders can choose from to analyze the foreign exchange market. The first way is by fundamental analysis. This analysis makes use of information and data regarding the factors which can influence the price of currency like politics, local laws, their government as well as their economy. The second, more common way to analyze the market is by using forex technical analysis. Technical analysis on the other hand deals with market charts and statistics.

Prices, numbers and other statistical data is the centrepiece of technical analysis. Being able to read charts would train you to identify the different trading signals in the market. You do not have to learn every signal and every trick; you only need to learn what's important depending upon your trading strategy and goals. Learn forex technical analysis today and you will be enlightened. You will figure out the best times to trade so you too can make serious money.

Timothy Stevens is a Forex Options Trader who owns - He has helped hundreds of people on Trading Forex with Options.

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Forex Options Trading - A Simple Way of Understanding Money Management in Forex

If you are a beginner in Forex, understanding concepts and principles can be confusing. You don't need to have a degree in accounting or business finance to appreciate the beauty and essence of money management in Forex.

Here are simple ways to understand money management in Forex:

1) Is deciding how much money you are willing to invest. Some people trade all their available money while some only trade a portion of their money at a time.

2) Takes into account the chances of making a right choice and a wrong choice. A right choice will earn you cash while a wrong choice means money is going out of your pocket. A good money management in Forex will consider the chance of making good choices. Every time you profit from an investment you can choose to reinvest it or reserve it. While on the times that you end with a wrong choice, you can either be left with no money or still have funds that will allow you to make another choice, depending on your funds management technique in Forex.

3) Investing in Forex requires understanding on how much risk you can afford to take. There is a common knowledge that the higher the risk, the higher the return. Proper management will allow you to study and analyze the risk. It will then allow you take only the risk which you are comfortable to take. Whether you are risk averse or can tolerate high risk, knowing money management can help you preserve your capital.

Timothy Stevens is a Forex Options Trader who owns - He has helped hundreds of people on Trading Forex with Options.

He has recently developed a free e-course showing you a step by step process for starting your Forex Trading easier. To learn how to start Forex Trading with Options without wasting your time and losing more money, visit

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Make Money Online With Forex Trading!

There is a great, new way for everyone from students to housewives to make money online. It's called forex trading and it's actually easy to get into, and easy to do. Here's why one of the easiest ways to earn income is to make money online with forex trading.

1. No Knowledge Needed!

Seriously, you really do not need a whole lot of knowledge or any experience with stocks and bonds to be successful in Forex. Of course any experience can help, and having a basic understanding behind the logic of how it all works is helpful, but still you can get up and running in an afternoon and potentially start to see profits overnight with forex trading.

2. Around the Clock Profit.

Forex runs all day and all night, 24 hours. This means around the clock potential profits. You are not limited to a certain window during the day where profits can only be made. Working around the clock means more opportunities to make profitable trades. Now does that mean you have to stay up 24/7 and monitor your computer? NO! In #3, I'll explain how major money making is possible with little time investment on your part.

3. Run Forex Trading on Autopilot!

To make money online with forex trading easily and effectively you need an automated forex trading robot program. Believe me, it's definitely worth it! This is basically how you can get started immediately with forex and potentially profit overnight. With an autopilot robot system everything is set up for you. You just download the program, start the installer, and your essentially ready to make money online with forex trading.

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Forex Training For Day Traders

Trading foreign currency is a money-making pursuit that many small investors have sunk their teeth into. The forex market, however, isn't for the uninitiated. To better prepare to enter this world, it's a good idea for day traders to consider basic forex training before they start placing buy and sell orders.

There are a number of reasons why beginning traders might want to consider forex training before jumping in with both feet and an open wallet. They include:

•Getting a hang of the language - Forex trading does come with its own special slang that investors need to understand. For example, the word pip is used to describe standard ups and downs in currency. Unlike the stock market where gains are often valued in whole dollars and cents, foreign currency exchanges often take place with ups and downs measured in points of percentage. While this is a tiny number, it can add up fast (in either the win or loss column) when real money is riding on how this translates in value.

•Learning about indicators - Just like the stock market, there are a number of indicators forex investors follow. The basic long and short-term trends are often not enough to help investors predict ups and downs in currency. Indicators can also play a role.

•Getting a grasp on risk management - Forex training can prove invaluable not only for teaching would be investors about strategy, but also how to protect their earnings and cut their losses before they add up to too much. Risk management is as essential in this market as learning about winning strategies.

Forex training courses for day traders and even big-time investors are available in a number of locations. Would be investors will find plenty of training materials available to them through brokerage firms, the Internet and printed publications.

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Forex Opportunity - Forex Autopilot System

There is a HUGE forex opportunity taking place right now that has to do with automation, simplicity, and basically not having to know and perform all the technical jargon formerly needed to understand and be successful at forex trading. This automation comes in the form of forex autopilot systems.

An autopilot system eliminates all the hard work that you previously had to do to make a lot of money. Before, even if you knew how to make a lot of money with forex, it was still incredibly time intensive; you had to spend hours in front of the computer in order to bring in the money, monitor trends and changes and react quickly to potential trading opportunities that arise.

Now, with this forex opportunity involving a robot system everything becomes automated. There's no longer a need to sit in front of the computer and monitor everything. In fact, some systems can have you making money even when your computers off.

Another advantage this forex opportunity has, is the fact that human error is eliminated. The process runs much more accurately. It relies on calculated numbers, algorithms, and probabilities and is immune to human mistake.

Since the forex market is open 24 hours, an autopilot robot program is ideal for making a lot of money as it works around the clock analyzing changes in the market, and responding incredibly fast for any trading opportunities that arise.

Whether you are just getting into forex trading or you've been at it a while and struggling, an automated robot system is the best way to go to be very profitable with forex trading.

Here is an excellent Forex Autopilot Robot program for doubling your money in a month -

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Online Trading in the Forex Market

Since you are reading this, I am going to safely assume that you want to be a successful day trader. With so many products out there trying to make profit off of your need to earn, I felt the need to sit down and write what the best way to day trade really is. That and with all the debating over what is the right way, I feel people are missing the point. People like to make things way harder than they really are because they feel like it must be more complex. We've all done it whether it has to do with education, our personal lives, or our careers. Now is the time to make this as simple as possible. It will cut back on the stress, make you a lot of good money, and possibly even cut back on our medical bills!

While doing research for this article, it was surprising to find issues I thought were settled still being discussed. This article will help clear the air on the subject of how to trade stress free. You can learn a lot about Forex Trading when you take some time to research it and I've made it easier for you. I've made it easier by focusing on the most important aspects. So, lets sit back and relax. Put down the stress ball. This will be an enjoyable and informative read.

The first thing we really need to clarify is that day trading is a losing battle for 95% of the current day traders. They typically lose their entire account within 90 days. The last 5% are successful, but that is because they have a simple system. They typically do not follow any indicators besides price. This indicator is the best, because it has stood strongly through the test of time.

These traders have learned how to have time for their personal lives and still be able to make a fantastic amount of money. If we follow the steps provided the percentage of successful day traders will get higher. This is a very lucrative job with a lot of money to earn and the Online Forex System follows a few simple steps. They keep you out of the market when it is not profitable, there is absolutely no stressful trading, there is consistent and hefty earnings, they produces fantastic returns; all of this providing a fail safe way to trade. Finally, the Forex system removes most if not all emotion. It will not allow you to take the profits early.

The goal with this system is to make over trading a thing of the past. No more losing money in these tumultuous times. Earn, earn, earn! It has been proven time and time again that most day traders are not doing it right and it has also been proven that following the indication of price will be the right move every time. So, lets say this again because I do not believe we can ever say it enough: Follow the price of the trade! You will not regret it.

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