Thursday, December 11, 2008

3 Secrets About Making Money in the Forex Markets Professional Currency Traders Will Never Tell You

It is no misery that professional currency traders make a ton of money and live the life of luxury. Yeah, they live in mansions and travel around the world to the most exotic locations. We all know that, but most of those not in the know think it is because they are so smart, so well educated or just have so much more knowledge than the rest of us. Well, I am in the KNOW and I will tell you there dirty little secrets that make them so rich.

Secret #1 - Control Margins and Make them work FOR you and NOT against you.

Trading Forex is not that hard! If you flipped a coin to select a currency to buy on any given day you would be correct 50% of the time. After all, a currency can only go in one of two directions, up or down. That makes 50% in my book. If you knew nothing at all about the markets and did not use margins you would almost be breaking even knowing NOTHING. Your only loses would be the Pip's you pay to the Forex brokerage firm.

The FIRST secret to making huge money in the Forex markets is understanding how to make margins work in your favor as opposed to your detriment.

Secret #2 - Professional Forex Traders are NOT that Smart.

That is correct sir, they are not any more intelligent than you or I. I ought to know, I am a professional Forex trader and I can assure you I am not that smart. I know a ton of other Pro's and I can assure you, most of them are not to clever either. In fact, most of them are idiots to tell you the truth.

But, what they know that you don't know, is one little trading technique that makes them money consistently that they simply repeat constantly. Did you know that this is exactly how most millionaires became millionaires. They discovered one little way of making money and just repeat it continuously.

The SECOND secret is they only know ONE way of making money trading the Forex markets and just repeat it over and over.

Secret #3 - They all posses the double D's, Determination and Discipline.

In order to make money in the Forex markets you have to want to make money in the markets. Not just a little, but a lot and they is why in order to be a professional Forex trader you must be determined to succeed and not let anything stand in your way. Next, you must follow the approach you have laid out for yourself that is a proven money maker and not vary from that path which is where discipline comes in.

The THIRD secret to become rich in the Forex markets is to want it more than anything else, you are willing to do what ever is required to reach your goal and once you find a way of making money sticking with it and not trying all kinds of little short cuts the armatures always fall for and end up in there trap.

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William R. Alheim, Jr., CPA, MA

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