Friday, December 19, 2008

I Want to Be Wealthy - If I Don't Know Anything About Forex Trading, What is the Best Way to Learn?

Before I inform you of the best way to learn Forex trading I am going to tell you by far the worst way to learn currency trading. That is by yourself though trail and error. There are so many reasons not to attempt this approach I could write a novel on it. Since I really don't care to write a book, I will only mention just a few.

Let's start with the time frame it is going to take it is going to take you to get up to speed. Next, how much of your investment do you suppose your going to lose while experimenting with different trading ideas? How about the profits you are giving up while testing many methods your not sure will work, when you could be using a proven profitable technique.

And finally your computer cost factor. I am sure your wondering what I am talking about now. See computers cost a lot of money and after you throw your computer out the window a few times because the market did something you did not expect it to do you will have to keep buying new computers, not to mention the windows you break. You think I am joking with this one; I am not, because I actually threw my computer out the window one time. Hey, I only did it one time, I learned my lesson.

Lets get serious now, absolutely the best way to learn Forex trading and make money for extended periods are through Forex mentoring courses. These are instructed by currency trading professional with years of profitable experience. The Forex courses provide a ton of leaning materials that offer a comprehensive education you can use for the rest of your trading career.

You also receive extensive one on one time with the Pro's teaching the class reviewing anything you did not understand when studying the books and videos. A key feature of the program is the real time trading sessions with the professionals where you are permitted to invest your own funds and keep the profits. More times than not these trading sessions pay for the tuition of the class. My three favorite Forex mentoring programs are The Forex Brotherhood, Straight Forex and Fap Winner.

Another great way to learn how to make money in the markets quickly is with a Forex course named Forex Made E-Z. This is not a comprehensive program where you will learn everything, but only this little great trading technique. It is based on Forex scalping. If you are not familiar with the term scalping, it means getting in and out of the market quickly while taking small profits each time and avoiding large losses.

Forex brokerage firms frown on this method and will ban your account if they catch you doing it. They don't like it because the people who know how to do it correctly make too much money and they don't get very much commission. This Forex program teaches you how to fool the brokerage firms so they don't catch on to what you are doing and don't ban your account.

Above are a few great ways to learn Forex trading quickly and are virtually guaranteed to make you a profitable trader. There are a ton of sites on the internet you can research these Forex programs and I invite you to do so. I think you will be happy you did.

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Good luck on the trading floor today!

William R. Alheim, Jr., CPA, MA

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