Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is There a Forex Scalping Course That Teaches All the Essentials and Won't Get Your Account Banned?

If you're not aware of Forex Scalping, it is a very profitable currency trading technique. In fact, it could be the best way to trade the FX markets. The problem with it is the Forex brokerage firms hate it, because they make very little money off of it. One of these companies' principle forms of income is providing margins to the traders and investors.

A margin is essentially a loan to you, which of course you have to pay interest on. But, if you only use the loan for a half hour to an hour your not going to pay too much interest and consequently the Forex brokerage firms are going to lose one of there main sources of income. So, the frown on these types of traders and often will ban there accounts.

It is very easy to see a trend a currency is moving in and there fore if you get in and out of the market quickly you are able to take advantage of the trend and rack up a quick profit. In fact, it kind of like stealing money it is so easy. The trick is not to make money with it, because making money with it is guaranteed, but to avoid have your account banned by the brokerage firm so you can keep doing it.

There is one man that is a genius and has found a method that can be used at almost any brokerage firm and avoid having your account banned. There is nothing illegal about this concept of trading; the only problem with it is the brokerage firms don't like it because they have trouble making money when people use it.

It is kind of like counting cards in blackjack, there is absolutely no rule against it. But, if you good at it you can take casinos for big bucks. So if they catch you they kick you out. You have not broken any rules or laws at all, what you have done is outsmart the casinos and take there money. Like, it was even there's to begin with. Forex scalping works on the same concept.

This Forex courses teaches you how to make 5% a day. That does not sound like much, but after 15 days you will have double you money. If you don't take your profits out, 15 days later you will have double it again. Let's say you start with $1,000. At the end of 15 days you would now have $2,000. At the end of the month you would have $4,000. Then 15 days later you would have $8,000. And at the end of that month you would have $8,000.

I have used this method for years and made a fortune. This Forex scalping course has 1,000's of past students that swear by it just like I do. The name of the course is Forex Made E-Z and I would highly recommend you do a little research on it. I am sure you will like it and some day soon you can come become a currency cash generating machine like so many of the former students of this program have.

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William R. Alheim, Jr., CPA, MA

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