Monday, December 15, 2008

Learn Forex Trading - A Short Compilation of Answers to Emailed Questions on the Subject

I have been receiving quite a few emails recently asking questions regarding the best way to learn Forex trading and beginning to successfully invest in the markets. I have been answering them individually and this is a short compilation of the answers for all to read.

First, if you are going to buy a piece of Forex software and are under the impression it is a means to an end without a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts to the advanced trading techniques then you are just fooling yourself. Why don't you just send me your investment capital to me, at least one of will be happy. Because you're not going to be.

Second, after you have a complete understanding of the Forex markets is the time to start acquiring your Forex trading systems. I say systems, because there is not one product on the market today that provides all the functions you will require. Or, at least I require. I use three different types in conjunction. A signal based system, a trend based system and a formula based system.

Third, if you just want to try to make money to see if you can and then you will invest later if you make money, then try this course. The name of the currency course is Forex Made E-Z and it is very simple to understand and employ its methods. I use the techniques taught in this class everyday and it turns nice consistent profits with very little risk. You don't have to know anything about Forex. Just follow every thing he say's to the letter and don't get greedy and the end of the month the little profits you make each day will add up to a very nice return.

Fourth, if you want a great Forex program to obtaining an exceptional education on the subject and also want to have the course to pay for itself then try Forex Brotherhood. I have been a member here since it began and trade the professional Forex trader, his name is Jason by the way, portfolio everyday. This is a mentoring program when you get to one on one training. I feel my knowledge is to the point now I really don't need much more training. But, I stay a member because I make $10,000's each month just making the same trades as he does each day. You are allowed to follow his every move in real time and make the same trades as he does in real time. You can even ask him why he makes every trade, which is a great learning tool. How much easier does it get? Not much.

There are two Forex programs that you don't have to know anything about Forex and depending on your investment you put real nice profits in your pocket.

As for Forex software you are just going to lose your money using them until you know what you're doing. I know, because I lost $1,000's until I found Forex Made E-Z and started enrolling in every currency mentoring program I could find. If somebody is really serious about this and takes a mentoring class and gets the knowledge required to take advantage of the software I will tell what I use, which I think are the best products on the market.
Good luck, it is not that hard. And to all you non believers and skeptics I will give you something to think about. I will love to see you answers to this.

Guess what, a currency can only go in one of two directions. It can go up or down. That means if you throw darts at a board blind folded you would be correct 50% of the time. So, if you did not use margins, you would break even if you know NOTHING about the markets. So really, how hard can it be? All you really need to know is how to control your use of margins and make them work for you as opposed to against you. Then let's say you learn a little and are able to take your winning percentage from 50% to 60% or 65% you know what that buys you? Any thing you want is the answer!

Remember, you are guaranteed to be correct 50% of the time; you can NEVER do worse than this. NEVER, it is IMPOSSIBLE!

Therefore the two keys to making big money in the markets are only two small factors. The most important, understanding how to use of margins, leverage trading, forwards and options. The next is just improving you winning percentage a small fraction, which is where the software comes into play.

Now, let somebody dispute that! Impossible, you can't, the numbers don't lie.

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