Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Automatic Forex Trading Systems Reliability Increases If You Receive a Second Confirmation Signal

I receive so many emails from my newsletter subscribers asking how to drastically improve the reliability of the automatic Forex trading systems, which would in turn vastly increase there profits. The focus of this article is to show you how to easily increase your cash flow with your present currency software trading system.

As with anything in life, the more sources of the same information will increase the likelihood that the original provider of the data was accurate. When using an automatic Forex trading system you are depending on one provider of a possible trade. Well what happens if you seek confirmation of there results elsewhere? If you are able to get it this will of course increase the dependability of the original premises you received. That in turn, will of course improve your profitability.

So, exactly how does one go about confirming a trade recommendation made by an automatic Forex trading system? The first step is to make it a non-automatic trading system. All of these pieces of software allow you to turn the automatic trading off. After this is done you are ready to look for alternative sources of confirmation.

To do this you will need to analysis your software and determine exactly how it was programmed. There are three principle types of currency software trading systems. They are trend based, signal based and formula based. Once you have determined what type of system you have you will then need to acquire another system that has different programming.

Once you have your other system you will then be able to see if the second system is also making the same recommendation. If it is not, you can use it to look at the factors causing the first systems recommendation and see if the second one is going to be tripped shortly. I know this sounds a little complicated, but trust me, once you get the hang of it this becomes quite simple. If you do not find a second confirmation, you will then know your first signal is not that strong of a signal. How ever, if you do have the second system stating the same as the first system, you then know you have a very strong trading possibility.

Another form of confirmation you can look for is a news item relating to that particular currency. You can subscribe for free to many RSS financial feeds from such broadcasting companies as Reuters, CNN or the BBC. If you are ever able to hit a triple header with confirmations before the market has moved too much, you can be sure this is a good time to plunge your brains out. Using this approach with your automatic Forex trading systems I am sure you will see your reliability improve, your profits increase and your happiness level go through the roof.

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