Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Honest FAP Turbo Review

With another forex product launch comes another bunch of hyped reviews from people who haven't actually used the product. It's true, many of the FAP turbo reviews that you read online have been written by people who haven't even used the product. This review is different, we got our hand on the software during its prelaunch phase and have had plenty of time to test it (on our demo accounts anyway) and thus have written this honest review.


What is FAP Turbo?

FAP Turbo is the latest in the line of automatic forex systems. Designed to work with the popular MetaTrader4 platform, the software quite literally plugs in and runs on auto pilot, all you have to do is review the trades at the end of the day (or week). The benefit of this is obviously, more free time. This isn't the first type of software like this, but is it the best...

Does FAP Turbo Work?

The sales page boasts some impressive results, huge gains and almost no losses. Are these results accurate? Well, as stated we have had a chance to play around with this software on our own demo account and I will admit that the results are impressive. While we didn't see gains as big as on the sales page, they were certainly nothing to sneeze at and certainly made the purchase of the software worth it.

FAP Turbo Pros and Cons

Many of the FAP Turbo reviews floating around mention all of the benefits, and none of the issues. Our main problem with the software is also its main benefit. That is, it's completely automatic! This is great because you have a lot of spare time while the system makes you money, but it's also a bit of an issue if you don't know what you're doing. Personally I like to have a bit more control over my trades, I still use automatic software but I keep an eye on what its doing. By all means, use it to benefit your own trading strategies, but I wouldn't go on a 3 month holiday and leave it running.

Another great benefit is that the team at FAP Turbo offer a hosting package. Lets face it, no one wants to leave their computer running 24/7 days a week while the robot does its thing. The problem is that's what you HAVE to do if you use a system like this. Their team have provided a hosting package, will enable you to host the software on their dedicated software. Turn your computer off, and the FAP software keeps trading for you.

Final Verdict

After extensive testing (unlike many other reviewers) we can definitely recommend the service. If you want to know our specific results and see more unbiased customer options just visit the full FAP Turbo Review.

Read our final verdict and even more unbiased FAP Turbo reviews, all you have to do is click here.

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